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wiimote, wiicontrol, DrNokSnes and n900

Install DrNokSnes and wiicontrol.

Edit /usr/bin/wiicontrol to match this configuration (dont copy/paste, on python indentation level of your statements is significant):

‘U’: [“a a”],
‘D’: [“a d”],
‘L’: [“a s”],
‘R’: [“a w”],
‘A’: [“a z”],
‘+’: [“a x”],
‘-‘: [“a c”],
‘1’: [“a v”],
‘2’: [“a b”],
‘H’: [“a n”],
‘GU’: [“a u”],
‘GD’: [“a i”],
‘GL’: [“a o”],
‘GR’: [“a p”],
‘Z’: [“a k”],
‘C’: [“a l”]

Start Bluetooth (or wiicontrol crashes).
Start wiicontrol (my wiicontrol freeze and I cant select key setup but it still works).
Setup wiimote (press 1+2).
Start DrNokSnes and tap un titlebar to configure keyboard.


ruby on rails on nokia N900

Yes, we can! ruby on rails works well on nokia n900.
Install ruby from maemo repository (dev).
Download and install rubygems (use –no-rdoc and –no-ri).

Rubygems creates only /usr/bin/gem1.8 so you should create a soft link like this: ln -s /usr/bin/gem1.8 /usr/bin/gem

Type gem install rails -V and wait.

Now you are ready to start your rails app on nokia n900!
Just run ruby script/server in your project folder. To create a project folder use rails my_app as usual.

Your server may not start if you miss libopenssl-ruby. In this case you get an error about net/https: apt-get install libopenssl-ruby.