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Postfix and lastest Debian/Testing Mysql 5 upgrade

Today I have upgraded my mail server.

As usual I did

#apt-get update #apt-get dist-upgrade

Always goes well but after some minutes I was in panic because my postfix server did not receive messages as usual.

There is some log messages:

Sep 24 06:44:14 localhost postfix/trivial-rewrite[25002]: fatal: mysql:/etc/postfix/mysql_virtual_alias_maps.cf(0,lock|fold_fix): table lookup problem
Sep 24 06:44:14 localhost postfix/pickup[24913]: 1BE73105714: uid=106 from=<logcheck>
Sep 24 06:44:14 localhost postfix/cleanup[24961]: warning: 1BE73105714: virtual_alias_maps map lookup problem for root@sviluppoweb.eu 

With last upgrade the mantainer of mysql package has removed `old_passwords` row.

There isn’t a postfix package upgrade, so due to recovery I have enabled old password.

Open your /etc/mysql/my.cnf and add this row

old_passwords = true

under `mysqld` section.

Good luck and see you soon!