wiimote, wiicontrol, DrNokSnes and n900

Install DrNokSnes and wiicontrol.

Edit /usr/bin/wiicontrol to match this configuration (dont copy/paste, on python indentation level of your statements is significant):

‘U’: [“a a”],
‘D’: [“a d”],
‘L’: [“a s”],
‘R’: [“a w”],
‘A’: [“a z”],
‘+’: [“a x”],
‘-‘: [“a c”],
‘1’: [“a v”],
‘2’: [“a b”],
‘H’: [“a n”],
‘GU’: [“a u”],
‘GD’: [“a i”],
‘GL’: [“a o”],
‘GR’: [“a p”],
‘Z’: [“a k”],
‘C’: [“a l”]

Start Bluetooth (or wiicontrol crashes).
Start wiicontrol (my wiicontrol freeze and I cant select key setup but it still works).
Setup wiimote (press 1+2).
Start DrNokSnes and tap un titlebar to configure keyboard.


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2 responses to “wiimote, wiicontrol, DrNokSnes and n900”

  1. Upb says :

    How do I edit the file? pygtkedit won’t do it and if I edit it in another folder and then use mv in x terminal wiicontrol won’t launch anymore and disappears after booting.

  2. Giulio Turetta says :

    I’m late but if this can be useful to others I use vi to edit files on my n900.
    I’m not completely sure (I cant test now) but I think that you need root privileges to edit that file.
    Try to start wiicontrol from command line to see any error messages.
    Maybe a parsing error due to a wrong python indentation.

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