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sanitize inline css with rails

Hi! You can simply use the sanitize(…) helper in your views to whitelist allowed tags and attributes… but what to do if you need to sanitize the content of a style attribute?  I found a solution to sanitize inline css with rails. This may not be the best solution available, but I didn’t find another solution (like an argument for sanitize helper).

Put this code in your config/enviroment.rb

HTML::WhiteListSanitizer.allowed_css_properties = font-weight text-decoration font-style))
# ALLOWED CSS PROPERTIES - acts like property_name-*, for example `text` allows text-align, text-deco...
HTML::WhiteListSanitizer.shorthand_css_properties =

Remember to restart your application, enviroment.rb must be reloaded also in development mode.

Have a nice day!