ruby on rails on nokia N900

Yes, we can! ruby on rails works well on nokia n900.
Install ruby from maemo repository (dev).
Download and install rubygems (use –no-rdoc and –no-ri).

Rubygems creates only /usr/bin/gem1.8 so you should create a soft link like this: ln -s /usr/bin/gem1.8 /usr/bin/gem

Type gem install rails -V and wait.

Now you are ready to start your rails app on nokia n900!
Just run ruby script/server in your project folder. To create a project folder use rails my_app as usual.

Your server may not start if you miss libopenssl-ruby. In this case you get an error about net/https: apt-get install libopenssl-ruby.

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7 responses to “ruby on rails on nokia N900”

  1. meikel says :

    Unfortunately Rails works but gets no database connection and thus is quite useless. Sqlite3-ruby or mysql cannot be installed.


  2. Giulio Turetta says :

    Hi Michael! You can compile sqlite3 with nokia n900 dev environment without problem or you can search about it on maemo talk where another guy posted a link to his personal repository with sqlite3-ruby 😉 happy hacking!

  3. Tomasz says :

    I’m wondering is it “optified”… where does Ruby installs it’s packages… to the system partition (what would take away precious space) or /opt “partition”?

  4. Giulio Turetta says :

    Hi Tomasz! I dont know if _all_ ruby packages are optified. I think that official repo can only include optified packages but for other packages maybe… at the moment I have only packages from official repository so i cant incestigate about that. what I can say at the moment is, after my personal experience, that you have to make attention about rubygems. it’s required (or not?) to run rails and every gem talks about mb and mb… and mb… and mb :/
    I dont remeber very well but you can install gems on another path and you also have to skip rdoc documentation generation. happy hacking!

  5. Kyle says :

    Thanks so much. I’ve been searching to find if the N900 had this capability. I no longer have excuses for not buying!

  6. iktwowo says :

    Hi, I have not managed to Install rails, I used the repo from, I installed rubygems 1.8.10 from also I installed makefrom sdk repo an TCC, but I keep getting ow-crypt.h:18: ‘,’ expected make: *** [wrapper.o] Error 1 what I am doing wrong? what else do I need, do I have to use ruby-gems from kspernj repo? If I do that then I can’t install libopenssl-ruby, thanks for your post and I hope you can help me 🙂

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